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Email us and ask (we always answer within 24 hours),  maybe it has moved or is 'resting'.  We only have a small selection of our huge archive on display. 

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About SmokeVision and ModelsUpClose is the portal for one of the world's longest running popular culture documentaries, a ModelsUpClose production since 1997.  All our content is General Exhibition, typical of what you see on day time TV.

Brands of Social Impact Media  an independent media producer.   Quality, reliable service since 1997.  Originally supplying media stock imagery for commercial and academic productions, today a visual documentary of considerable public interest.  Our content grew from our media b2b stock scene productions on cultural issues such as cigarette smoking in western society and today forms one of the most popular collections of the imagery on smoking culture across the world.

 Only a small portion of our huge archive is on display and our online displays change often, usually monthly.  If there is something special you can’t find, please email and we will point you to it.

 We let the 'pictures do the talking' with a small poster for each video and sampler video clips . 


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Cigarette smoking is a controversial issue and smoking means different things to different people. Some love it, some hate it and some love to hate it, which explains the enduring popularity of SmokeVision. This documentary series has been inspired in part by the curious enigma of women smoking and in part by these publications on smoking: "Smoke: A Global History of Smoking" and "Cigarettes Are Sublime" and "Seductive Smoke"

SmokeVision is a website with several documentary series, featuring people who have chosen to accept the well documented risks associated with smoking, indeed who often flaunt this danger for their personal enjoyment but this does not imply that it is an activity others should follow. This publication is not intended to be in anyway comprehensive, promotional or educational.

This publication presents a collection of visual imagery on smoking in society, as typically seen in public in today's western society. The views recorded and discussed are simply a representation of the personal activity of the participants at the time of recording.

Our website and publications also use stock content licensed from Evanto, iStock, VideoBlocks  and others as detailed in the relevant video shows.

Our video documentaries use musical works licensed from AVP,  Evanto, Digital Juice Library, Shockwave, VideoBlocks, ccMixter, Daniel Johns as detailed in various video episodes.

See Copyright Notice below. 



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 Restart your computer and if problems persist contact us.


Install the VLC Media player. Open VLC app and either drag and drop the video file onto the VLC window or use the File menu to navigate to the video file to open and play.


Our Refund Policy

100% “No Questions Asked” Refund:


In most cases your video is available within minutes of buying, except when you pay by e-check and other bank methods where access is determined by the time it takes your bank to process the payment.  However, should you not be able to access or use our publication as intended with your device and Internet connection, simply contact us within seven days of your payment confirmation by PayPal and we will cancel your purchase and fully refund your payment.

Alternatively: you are welcome to contact us and ask for technical support at no additional cost, to help you to access and use our publications. If we are unable to help in a reasonable time, we will cancel your purchase and fully refund your payment.

Please allow 48 hours for us to action your request. If you do not receive a reply from us within 48 hours assume we have not received your email, verify you have given a valid reply to address and resend. If you still can not reach us, post to the Smoking Culture Google Group including your contact details in the post and a moderator will pass your message to us.

NB: Please do NOT attempt to “charge back’ your payment with your card company or bank or open a dispute with our billing company. This action may incur additional fees which we will recover from you.

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General Terms and Conditions of Use and of Viewing:

Permission is granted to view this site and its contents for your personal viewing only, provided you abide by all our Terms and Conditions of Use.  It is your responsibility to determine the suitability of this content for you in the context of the laws and customs of your local community. If in doubt please do not use this website.

Can I share a few clips from the show on a forum or social network site?  Please do not ! Let's be honest, doing this is NOT a tribute to your favourite model and it does NOT help us promote the show, it just makes it harder for us and others to fund making more for you to see in the future.  Our websites and publications are All Rights Reserved.  See Copyright Notice below.

A condition of viewing our content is that you agree NOT to give away, resell, swap, distribute or allow to be distributed in any manner our text, images or videos. Your acceptance of our Terms and Conditions of Use as detailed on this page is deemed as verified by your viewing, purchasing and/or downloading content.

Website content changes over time and the website does not necessarily include content presented as samples or previews for this web site. You are invited to contact us if you need assistance locating a specific item but we assume you have a general interest in our publications,  not a specific item.

Strictly Prohibited Uses:

In general anything other than your sole personal viewing is NOT permitted. You need to contact us and secure written permission for any other use but without limiting the generality of this:


Any use must not be construed as presenting our content as representative of the creative works, skill or product of any other individual, company or organisation.

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Any use must not lead to embarrassment and/or injury and/or damage of any kind to the people, products, locations, scenes, companies, organisations, religion, governments appearing or portrayed.

Any use must not portray any person, entity or place appearing as representing and/or endorsing any particular view and/or opinion and/or product and/or activity other than what they have specifically stated as representative of their personal opinion and real life activities at the time of recording.

Any use must not reflect poorly on the reputation and quality of our product produced.

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The purchaser/viewer agrees that they do not intend any of the above prohibited uses for pictures, scenes and/or music originating from SmokeVision and/or ModelsUpClose and/or Model House Show and its parent company (Social Impact Media Pty Ltd) and the purchaser/viewer indemnifies our parent company, staff, contractors, performers, agents, sponsors and associates separately and collectively for damages and remedy costs arising from their downloading, purchase, viewing and breaching of these conditions.

The purchaser understands that these conditions may change over time and will refer to the latest Conditions of Use before each and every specific use of our scenes and, if necessary will modify your action to suit the conditions of the day without any further cost to us.


Copyright Notice:

All Rights Reserved: World wide copyright of text, photographs, videos and music from SmokeVision web sites, downloads, eBooks, video tapes, CDs, DVDs, printed photos and photo CDs and other content is always retained by the producer (ModelsUpClose brand of Social Impact Media Pty Ltd) and the original contributor/producer.

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Commercial publishers and broadcasters are watching a Not for Publication sample only, that is not made available for any form of other distribution without our express written permission (fees and charges may apply). Use without written permission and payment of agreed fees may leave you liable for payment of damages as well as commercial fees and charges.

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Copyright is reserved on all our items, text, images, music, videos and web pages.

Musical accompaniment is for the personal enjoyment of the viewer and is the copyright of the producer. It is licensed to us to use for your personal listening as part of our video presentation. Separate permission from the music copyright owner is required for further use and/or public performance of the music, including situations where we have given permission for your use.

Privacy Policy:

This privacy statement provides information about the personal information that this web site collects and the ways in which we use that personal information. This web site is produced by Social Impact Media Pty Ltd, a company incorporated in the state of NSW Australia in 1987 operating world wide.

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